We often meet employees with high loyalty to the company but have low productivity. They feel have worked hard but the result is not maximal. This phenomenon does not only appear at lower levels but sometimes occurs in higher management as well. They are looked like people who run above treadmill. Exhausted but not move from their place. Other issues related to employees:

– Low fighting spirit
– Lack of skill to handle issues
– Communication gap between Top management to lower levels
– Trouble maker for the teams


To help Organizations in handling the above issues, We provide Coaching service. In general, it is intended to develop people with the capability in creative & critical problem solving.

In each program we coach people to achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

We have two approach of coaching: one on one & one on team.

One On One Coaching

It is intended to a Leader who want to get personal coaching such as:

1. Understanding who they are in term of Strongest & Weakness of Character, Competency,
2. Obtaining personal vision, mission, values
3. Defining strategy
4. Handling issues in organization
5. …

One On Team Coaching

It is intended to a group of Leaders in an organization. By taking this packet, they can customize the topics of coaching, such as:

1. How to formulate Business Strategy
2. How to manage Strategy Implementation
3. How to Synergize employees in organization
4. How to handle organization’s issues
5. How to manage Improvement Initiatives
6. …