Some organizations are facing below issues:

  1. The increase of sales doesn’t generate revenue growth
  2. The Company is struggling with repetitive unsolved issues.
  3. The income is not sufficient for operational costs.
  4. Company is threatened with bankruptcy because it can no longer bear the critical issues.
  5. Business has run many years but the owner cannot leave it, no autopilot system.
  6. The company fail to synchronize with the changing of business trends.
  7. The company does not have clear vision, mission & values.
  8. The company has difficulty to define the right strategy.
  9. Weak teamwork among departments.
  10. No measurement system.
  11. Unclear compensation system.
  12. .…


To address these issues, we provide consulting into 2 categories:

A. Crisis Management

in Crisis management, we help Top Decision Makers to rescue their organization from difficult situations & carry out to the recovery phase.

In the crisis phase, usually the existing system cannot work properly might be due to difficulty in cash flow, sabotage, dispute with employees or other stakeholders, etc.

B. Organization Transformation

In Organization Transformation, We help Owner & Top Management to find their best potential & to realize their vision. Type of Project Projects under Organization Transformation

1. Mission, Vision & Organization Values
2. Corporate Strategy
3. Organization Restructuring
4. Balanced Score Card
5. Appraisal System,
6. Reward, Recognition, Retention System
7. Strategic Initiative
8. Corporate Intensification
9. Management Dashboard
10 Business Analysis
11. Knowledge Sharing
12. …